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Calvisius Caviar

Calvisius is the undisputed leader in caviar production and distribution in Italy. It owns the largest sturgeon farm in Europe, with more than 60 acres of tanks dedicated to aquaculture where only the finest varieties are bred. This allows them to hold over 20% of the world's caviar manufacture.

The House of Fine Foods carry a wide range of Calvisius Farmed Premium Caviar. A wonderful range of small to large size eggs, varying in color from black to dark brown to amber. 


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Aristocrat Fine Caviar

Created as The House of Fine Foods own Caviar Brand, to ensure in house control of every caviar. The Aristocrat Caviar brand signifies the finest quality caviar from the most sustainable suppliers from around the World. 

With more then 20 years of dedication and knowledge in the caviar world, the Aristocrat caviar brand was born.

The aim is to select the best caviar from around the world, and offer it under one brand. Thus providing the best products to our customers seeking a true caviar experience.


Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii
Acipenser Schrenckii
Acipenser Baerii
Huso Dauricus
Acipenser Transmontanus
Acipenser Schrenckii Dauricus
Huso Huso