St. Helens Beef

St. Helens Beef represents the best of the rich agricultural resources produced in the Pacific Northwest. The brand delivers exceptional quality beef to the marketplace and is built on the combined efforts of hard-working and dedicated producers, the region's abundant supply of cattle and grain, and a respect for this bountiful and picturesque environment. St. Helens offers a diverse product assortment to satisfy a wide array of customers needs including all USDA quality grades and USDA Choice, and Select grade "Premium Angus Beef."



American Wagyu Beef

SNAKE RIVER FARMS American Wagyu Beef is extremely tender and delicious. When you cut into a quality steak, you expect it to be tender, but SNAKE RIVER FARMS American Wagyu Beef is known as the Butter Knife Beef because you can cut it with a butter knife. The beef tastes wonderful. It graces your palate like a fine wine, with complex flavors, subtle sweetness and a lingering finish. This is the SNAKE RIVER FARMS American Wagyu Beef difference that you can taste.